Why Voting In the 2020 Elections Matter

(Special thanks to Dawn Xiana Moon of Raks Geek for permission to use her Instagram post).

With early voting in Illinois starting in the wake of Super Tuesday, the results of the Illinois Primary – along with the 2020 elections – appear to be a foregone conclusion. Selecting the “obvious” choice or abstaining from voting in the 2020 elections to avoid “choosing between two evils” may appear to be the most rational options.

They’re not. Voting in the 2020 elections is more important than ever.

Cynicism is an easy pose because it avoids any sense of responsibility. Our election system may be imperfect, but it is better than the alternative.

(Besides, the last time we had an “obvious” winner was the 2016 presidential elections. With our country gradually sliding towards fascism, we cannot afford to take that chance).

But rather than pontificate about the importance of elections, a recent Instagram post from Dawn Xiana Moon of Raks Geek articulates this message – as well as her perspective – more than I can.


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