2018 In Review

2018 In Review

Every year, this blog examines 2018 in review,  and determines where and how we proceed. This past year, this blog has focused as much on community-based initiatives as much as more personal glimpses into caregiving and freelancing.

So I’ll be working on a formal content creation calendar to streamline blogging and provide a more consistent voice.

But please consider this a “greatest hits” post, quoting one great post per month and linking directly to it.

January – There’s huge shame around being employed in a job that does not require your full skill set, and nobody wants to talk about it…until now.

February – …it’s no longer about productivity. It’s about survival.

March – Like J. Alfred Prufrock, I am afraid that I am measuring my life in coffee spoons.

April – …but after thirty pages fought off the temptation to write soliciting a job as Gary’s ghostwriter.

May – …they take the ideas of community engagement and community investment to a higher level

June – One of the hardest aspects of handling Anthony Bourdain’s passing is that there will never be closure or an “a-ha” moment that speaks to his motivations

July – “We like to think of evil as a cartoon: We think evil looks like Hitler or a serial killer. We think we’re good people, and we’re nothing like them. But the truth is, evil is banal. Most often, evil is people with privilege looking the other way, people deciding not to make a fuss, to stay silent.”

August – “Community” often gets used in a variety of contexts without understanding the full meaning of the word.

September – “The better you plan, the faster you respond”

October – …networking is not a “quick fix” but requires consistent follow-up

November – Put simply: casual coffees and get-togethers are much easier to schedule than attending paid high-end networking events.

December – The results of that idea were not just the client work they were seeking…but the start of a larger community

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Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful New Year!

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