Cyber Security Chicago: Preview With David Juniper

Cyber Security Chicago: Preview With David Juniper

Last year, I was fortunate enough to earn complimentary press credentials for Cyber Security Chicago. With its focus on technology and cybersecurity, it was a great opportunity to learn about the field for the blog…and although I could only attend a single day, I wanted to return. Fortunately, I was able to acquire press credentials (as well as access to several presenters which I will be blogging about in the next few days), but one question remained on mind…

Why hold a cybersecurity conference in Chicago? 

To get that answer, I spoke with David Juniper, Director of Events at Cyber Security Chicago. Not only did he provide great context for how the conference came to Chicago but provided a slight preview of what attendees can expect.

Examining the technology landscape and increasing news of data breaches, the organizers of Cyber Security Chicago sought out many cities and regions that could most benefit from such a conference. With its growing tech scene, Chicago made an ideal site for one of the conferences (with other cities like Atlanta hosting a similar conference) and providing a more creative alternative than the usual East Coast/West Coast/Las Vegas sites. Rather than focus on an overarching theme, Cyber Security Chicago focuses on a wide variety of topics related to data security and safety. (This year, various topics will focus on protecting businesses, issues around artificial intelligence and blockchain, and how machine learning might impact the future of cybersecurity).Photo Courtesy Cyber Security Chicago

One of the main advantages of attending Cyber Security Chicago is the accessibility of the material. For nonprofit/social enterprise professionals (and volunteers) who are interested and/or work directly with data, the conference provides multiple avenues for understanding. (Thankfully, Cyber Security Chicago was well attended last year, and this year content theaters will be larger to accommodate more attendees.) With a wide variety of presenters and vendors, Cyber Security Chicago provides a unique entry into how organizations can approach cybersecurity.

What’s extremely important, though, is that Cyber Security Chicago wants this to become a premier event for the city. With its numerous amenities and thriving tech scene, Chicago is an ideal site for the conference where Cyber Security Chicago can reach the greatest number of individuals who have a stake in information technology. With its wide array of topics and ease of understanding, Cyber Security Chicago provides an excellent opportunity for professionals to learn more about cybersecurity issues and network with other like-minded individuals.

But don’t worry – there are more highlights to come via this blog.

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Please join us tomorrow for our focus on one of the presenters at Cyber Security Chicago.

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