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Facebook, Free Speech, and Social Media

After posting my interview with Dawn Xiana Moon about the Raks Inferno fundraiser on August 2nd, I did what many of my fellow Chicago Now bloggers do in these situations: post a link to this blog’s Facebook page. As a blogger, I feel a responsibility to highlight great nonprofit and community-based initiatives, so featuring this... Read more »

Immigration Rights Fundraiser: A Conversation With Dawn Xiana Moon

Immigration Rights Fundraiser: A Conversation With Dawn Xiana Moon
(Special thanks to Dawn Xiana Moon for her time and her insights) With Americans increasingly divided over immigration policies, those with direct impact – children and families – are often ignored. Raks Inferno is holding an August 2nd fundraiser at Uptown Underground to benefit the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights. Recently, I had the chance to... Read more »

How Do You Get Scott Adams To Block You On Twitter?

Scott Adams of Dilbert
Yesterday, I learned the answer to the question, “How do you get Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, to block you on Twitter?” It wasn’t an answer I was actively seeking but resulted from Scott Adams explaining the proper use of “pour” and “pore” when discussing documents. (This was in reaction to the President’s recent Tweet). I... Read more »

How Harlan Ellison Influenced My Writing

Photo by Pip R. Lagenta via Flickr With Harlan Ellison’s recent passing, I have to admit that…well, he’s been on my mind a great deal. Not out of concern…just a group of unread ebooks on my phone. In fact, I was so bored recently that I found – and watched – the 2008 documentary Dreams... Read more »