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Representation, Nonprofits, and DOCTOR WHO

Representation in nonprofits has been on my mind recently…but mostly because I’ve been working on a C2E2 panel on female representation in Doctor Who. (As well as other various projects – check out my personal blog post with my personal and professional activities) I grew up during the “classic” era of Who, and I can honestly say... Read more »

Social Media, Caregiving & Friendships

This week, I had a birthday. A milestone birthday. It wasn’t something I would promote via social media (the milestone part, that is, not the birthday). Regardless of the various friendships I’ve had over the past, there’s something a bit embarrassing about it…especially since at this age, I never thought I would be caregiving for... Read more »

Some Upcoming Chicago Events to Check Out

Some Upcoming Chicago Events to Check Out
As we’re gearing into spring, many great mission-driven and cause-related Chicago events are popping up. If you’re looking to get out and about through the next few months, here are a few suggestions for your consideration. If you know about any other great Chicago events we should know about, please leave them in the comments,... Read more »