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Underemployment In the Gig Economy

Underemployment In the Gig Economy
As many readers of this blog know, I am currently attempting to balance freelance work and caring for my sick mother. One of the trickier aspects is finding work, but many people cite the current “gig economy” as being advantageous to people like me. However, like many others, my work situation would technically be qualified... Read more »

How Donald Trump Taught Me The Power of Friendship and Community

No, it’s not a wacky ironic statement typical of a Gen X-er like me. Despite this blog’s focus on technology and social change, I will state for the record: Donald Trump, in his political activities, has taught me the power of friendship. Maybe it all started just a year ago when I was deciding to move... Read more »

Net Neutrality Next Steps

Net Neutrality is one of the key issues driving conversation – and activism – in early 2018. (For an overview of the issues involved, check out this recent radio appearance). Thanks to two recent forums on Net Neutrality – one held this past Tuesday at Center on Halsted; the other driving Netsquared Chicago’s February meeting,... Read more »