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Thanksgiving and Gratitude

There’s really not much to write about this week, since I’m prepping for the Chicago TARDIS charity auction. However, in the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, allow me to present this guest post on gratitude for You Know Neen. Have a safe, happy Thanksgiving holiday, everyone.

Thoughts About "Thoughts & Prayers"

“Thoughts and prayers” have become a frequent refrain during community crises, with people attempting to offer comfort and empathy during very traumatic events. Usually, the conversation about “thoughts and prayers” centers around three variations on a theme: This is a tough event for anyone to handle, and we offer our thoughts and prayers to the... Read more »

The Thrill of It All: Five Years of Blogging

I’ll be honest, I’ve been so involved in the thrill of it all, I missed celebrating an important milestone: five years ago in August, I posted for the first time on this blog. When I started co-writing Chicago Now’s Job Stalker blog, I saw it as a way to build upon my personal blog. I... Read more »