Now That The 2016 Presidential Election Is Over

Now That The 2016 Presidential Election Is Over

(NOTE: this is a much longer version of content that I have posted on Facebook and elsewhere. But I feel it needs to be said)

First, I am just as saddened and downhearted as many others about the results of the 2016 Presidential Election. Yes, the people have spoken…but they’ve spoken out of fear. Fear of losing what they have. Fear of uncertain times and rapid change. But most importantly, fear of the “other.”

And I apologize. Because somebody has to.

Many of my friends and colleagues wonder how they can continue to help – how they can make a difference in spite of this rapid change. I’ll direct them to this article, which outlines many organizations that will need help in the next few years….

But for many who are the “other”, you are unsure about your future. Given many of the threats made by the current President-elect (and let’s be clear – they were¬†threats), any reassurances that “everything will be all right” are counterfeit.

So for those of you who are the “other” – in terms of gender identity, race, sexual orientation, religion, atheism/agnosticism, or many of the “other” categories who are feeling unsure right now… My personal mission will be to work harder to be a better ally.

Because again, somebody has to.CNow - Skyline

The next four and a half years will…be challenging. But the only way to fight it is for us to continue building and strengthening our community.

If you’re an organization whose mission relates to any listed in the linked article, please drop me a line. We’ll write a feature blog post about your organization because our mission is providing diverse perspectives on social change.

We’re a bit disheartened and disappointed…but we also now can work on a grassroots level to drive change.

To paraphrase one of my favorite Leverage quotes, “This was your crusade…now it’s our mission

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