Meet Your Neighbor: Life Creative

(Special thanks to Life Creative for inviting us to check them out, as well as for background and support materials)

For many Chicago-area freelancers, nonprofits, and social enterprise organizations, finding a coworking space provides a unique challenge. Although Chicago is experiencing huge growth in coworking spaces (and we’ve written about several of them in the past), there are additional challenges for those of a creative mindset or involved in more creative industries. Not just obvious people like writers and artists, but theater groups, art-based nonprofits, and other like-minded organizations seek a unique space not only to work, but for holding events. Finding the right space with the right resources can challenge those in the creative field (and we have a very broad definition of creativity), but luckily, Life Creative HQ, located near Fulton Market, has risen to the challenge.

Life Creative HQ is housed within Event Creative, an 80,000 square foot facility that serves both as an event venue and as an “open source maker space” which can design and fabricate items, and can serve as a venue for any size event. Located just a few steps from the Ashland Pink/Green Line station, Event Creative is staffed by teams of creative designers and master tradesmen, who are able to use on-site resources to make any event concept come to life. (And before you ask – many of the items they make are often recycled and can be reused between events, so any enterprising nonprofit or social enterprise can request to use particular items on display). Everything from metal work to custom furniture, from three dimensional printing to laser cutting, can be handled by Event Creative staff. (Thankfully, there are several levels of membership which allow organizations of various sizes ample access to Event Creative’s services).

One of Life Creative’s advantages (besides its ample 20,000 square feet of room) is that it doesn’t look like any other coworking space. For those working in more creative fields, there are ample opportunities to indulge. On the first floor, there’s a wide area; Life Creative also has more “traditional” office and work spaces on their upper floors. But I think I’ll let these pictures (thanks to Life Creative) do most of the talking….

One of the main qualities that drives Life Creative – and which makes it very appealing – is that the venue seeks to drive collaboration and community amongst Chicago creatives. Part of its overall mission is also outreach to nonprofits and smaller organizations seeking new resources, expanding their ability to reach current and potential advocates. Community-based thinking permeates Life Creative’s approach to coworking – to quote CEO Sean Cannon:

“When we conceptualized Life Creative, we wanted to look at the co-working space in a new way – not just as a place to work, but a place to be inspired, to learn something new, alongside like-minded individuals.”

And Life Creative is providing an opportunity for people who are curious to check out the facility. This Thursday, July 28th at 6:00 pm, the Summer of Creativity is holding a special “Chicago Linked In Networking Experience” at Life Creative. Some tickets are still available for the event – please RSVP via their Eventbrite page.

Sometimes, finding great resources can be a huge challenge. My thanks to Life Creative for reaching out, for the tour, but most importantly, for being a great neighbor. Life Creative is a very impressive-looking space….and is worth checking out.

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And as always, thanks for reading!

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