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Freelance Nonprofit Work: The Road Less Traveled

Freelance Nonprofit Work: The Road Less Traveled
This week’s post is part of Blogapalooz-Hour, a monthly effort by Chicago Now bloggers to post on a particular theme. It’s also ironic, because today I ended a short-term freelance position and submitted a piece for a benefit book. Ever since choosing freelance nonprofit work over a traditional position, I have to say that I did... Read more »

Remembering Prince: Music & Social Change

Consider this a different kind of reminiscence about Prince, who passed away yesterday. And trust me, there is a connection to social change – I promise. For many in my generation, Prince’s Purple Rain was a ticket to cool – sure, I saw it when it came to the Brighton theater, but I also managed... Read more »

This Weekend: Kalapriya Dance Company Presents NAVARASA

First, I realize this is sudden – work matters have kept me away from the keyboard. However, I wanted to quickly highlight a great event happening this weekend, and that I think you’ll enjoy. The Kalapryia Dance Company is putting on their production of Navarasa: The 9 Emotions of Draupadi, an Indian classical contemporary dance... Read more »