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Sleep, Self-Care & The Social Change Agent

As I write this, I’m taking care of my mother’s cat – she’s off for a sleep study. (It’s part of her post-transplant self-care plan). Normally, on a night like this, I am used to pushing myself, burning the midnight oil until there’s nothing left but a few burnt cinders. As a former nonprofit professional... Read more »

How to Support a Nonprofit Job Seeker

Whether seeking the next full-time career-building opportunity or even a short term freelance/consulting gig, a nonprofit job seeker in Chicago faces multiple challenges…not the least of which are the attitudes and behaviors of various peers and organizations. So in an effort to help those fellow travelers (like myself) who are trying to get work (or... Read more »

Follow Up: Chicago Cares Serve A Thon 2015

Recently, I participated in Chicago Cares Serve-A-Thon 2015, and although I wrote about the experience, I don’t think my prose did the event justice. There was a high number of participants in a wide variety of activities…. However, this recently released video is a great example of everything that went into the event. (And you... Read more »

Meet Your Neighbor: Open Books In West Loop

Meet Your Neighbor: Open Books In West Loop
One of the many advantages of working in the nonprofit field -(and being a Chicago Now blogger)  is that I get the opportunity to attend some really great events and visit some really cool places. Thanks to an invitation via a Facebook group, I had the opportunity to visit Open Books, a social venture dedicated to... Read more »