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Tomorrow: A Powerful Word for Nonprofits

Tomorrow: A Powerful Word for Nonprofits
It’s a challenge laid down to many Chicago Now bloggers – talk about literally what our hopes, expectations, and actions will be tomorrow. On a simple, tomorrow (as I write this) will be Saturday – I’ll be attending a brunch for Chicago Nerd Social Club and Chicago Doctor Who Meetup . But overall, I’m much... Read more »

Why I'm Joining Chicago Cares' Serve-A-Thon 2015

Volunteering can be a challenge – our time is taken up by family, friends, work, and other activities. In fact, my own time has been busy with consulting work, other writing commitments, and keeping current with the state of social good in Chicago. So when I was invited to join Chicago Cares’ Serve-a-Thon on June... Read more »

The "Leverage Social Media Advocacy" Job

This past week, I was lucky enough to participate in the Chicago Nerd Social Club’s Leverage 101 panel. Now, admittedly, as CNSC board member I might have been obligated to attend. As a nonprofit communications professional, I think the 2008 – 2012 series has a strong sense of social justice, beginning with its opening narration:... Read more »

Improvisation & Play in Nonprofit Technology

 Things have been quite busy for me lately: between increased consulting work (including a brand new project), attending a Second City ETC revue for my personal blog, and attending C2E2, my schedule has been rather hectic. But these few weeks have also reminded me about the importance of improvisation – and play – in nonprofit/social... Read more »