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Writing for Fun and Nonprofit

As a nonprofit professional, writing has been a key cornerstone of my saily work. Everything from web content to grant proposals, from brochures to formal clinical reportsĀ  – at some point, much of my professional life has been behind a keyboard of some kind. In fact, it became a nice substitute for a failed fiction-writing... Read more »


Many people involved in nonprofit careers (whether transitioning into or out of the field) find it hard to survive in our current economy. Many are taking “side gigs” or smaller jobs to either bring in extra cash or – perhaps – spin their efforts off into a new career. For those wishing to adopt a... Read more »

One Cause At A Time: 2014 in Review

When looking at the growth of social good and technology in Chicago, the past year has seen many accomplishments. This blog has also seen quite a bit of activity, and in looking at 2014 in review, it may be good to take a unique view. So this post is a kind of “greatest hits” of... Read more »