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NOTE: A complimentary copy of Ms. Witter’s book was provided for purposes of review

As I was writing last week’s post, I came to a very subtle realization – throughout my career in nonprofits, I have had to take on what might be called “guerrilla” public relations tactics. Working with media, getting the word out, engaging the public – all of those were key skills that I needed to cultivate in order to move programs forward. For many Chicago (and other) nonprofits, having an easily understandable reference for public relations is paramount.

Thankfully, Jennefer Witter’s Little Book of Big PR: 100+ Quick Tips to Get Your Business Noticed, published by Amacom Books in both softcover and Kindle editions, is a great primer. Although geared primarily towards small businesses, there are enough practical, down-to-earth tips for nonprofits, social enteprises, and other mission-based organizations to gain benefit.

The Little Book of Big PR focuses on small – yet practical – tactics for building overall capacity. It’s a brisk, easily comprehendable book that contains various bits of advice, as well as examples from other businesses. Covering a wide range of topics – from public speaking to self-branding – The Little Book of Big PR provides useful advice that is geared towards business growth. (And yes, there is a chapter on cause-related marketing, but don’t let that fool you – the other chapters are also extremely practical). It’s the kind of book that really deserves to be part of any nonprofit/community organizing reference library – along with The Mission Myth, Organizing for Social Change  and Everyday Entrepreneur, Ms. Witter’s book provides a great way to channel more business-oriented thinking into nonprofit activities.

Many smaller nonprofits and community organizations often lack staff dedicated to marketing and public relations. In fact, many smaller organizations rely on grassroots mobilization and community organizing to gain traction and (hopefully) exposure. One of the great advantages of The Little Book of Big PR is that it is written in simple language, and many of the tips are easily implemented. Ms. Witter does a great job in fostering the idea that public relations isn’t necessarily about “spin”, but that it’s a way for small businesses (and by extension, nonprofits and community organizations) to grow and expand with a minimum of resources.

Simply put, I enjoyed The Little Book of Big PR. It’s a small, easily affordable book that is a must-own for anyone in the nonprofit/social benefit sector.

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