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Coming Up: Social Media for NonProfits Chicago

  For many nonprofits, social enterprises, and other mission-driven organizaiton, social media is a key component of their marketing and communications strategy. Although Chicago has a great variety of resources and consultants available, there’s always a need to learn current up-to-date thinking about social media….and the Social Media for NonProfits Chicago session on October 29th is a... Read more »

Blog Action Day 2014: Inequality

Every year, this blog participates in Blog Action Day, which is a global effort to drive conversation around one particular key topic. (Past topics have included human rights and “the power of we“). For Blog Action Day 2014, the focus is conversation around the topic of inequality…and my mind goes to Ferguson, Missouri. This isn’t... Read more »


  NOTE: A complimentary copy of Ms. Witter’s book was provided for purposes of review As I was writing last week’s post, I came to a very subtle realization – throughout my career in nonprofits, I have had to take on what might be called “guerrilla” public relations tactics. Working with media, getting the word... Read more »

1990: My Entry Into Social Change

Recently, I was able to make Chicago Net Tuesday’s recent session on digital storytelling, and found myself a bit nostalgic. Perhaps it’s because I’m at the point where I’m moving away from youthful idealism towards mature longing, but there’s always been one year where it all came together for me – my passion for social... Read more »