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Chicago Net Tuesday & The Broadband Vision

Broadband access is a very hot topic in Chicago, with efforts to make access available to all. From efforts to expand free access on the north side (concurrent with similar efforts on the south side) to news that the Chicago Public Library has received funding to allow patrons to “check out” hotspots, there’s never been... Read more »

Chicago Startup Weekend (And Other Events)

With nonprofits taking more of a “lean startup” approach to doing business¬† many¬†organizations are focusing on engaging tech-minded individuals….especially underrepresented populations. Thanks to Nicole Yeary of Ms. Tech, we have information about a Chicago Startup Weekend – which you may find of interest and which is happening this very weekend… Thanks to Ms. Tech, we... Read more »

Q & A With A Chicago Now Blogger: Extreme Parenting

One of the great advantages of being part of the Chicago Now blogging network is the opportunity to interact with a diverse range of unique individuals. So when the opportunity came to participate in today’s “Q & A With a Blogger Day”, I eagerly volunteered….and when I received the name of the person who I... Read more »

Confessing Nonprofit Social Media Strategy

Confessing Nonprofit Social Media Strategy
The most current “hot topic” in the realm of social media is an article entitled Confessions of a Social Media Strategist. Although it may not be readily apparent, this article contains some great insights – and lessons – for those working in nonprofit social media strategy, as well as other professionals working for¬† social ventures... Read more »