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Hookers & Hackers & Buffer - Oh, My!

This past week has been busy for me, prepping for Friday’s panel discussion at DexCon2013 (thanks to Pierre Clark of the Chicago Digital Access Alliance for the invitation), but I didn’t want to let this week pass without addressing several pieces of recent news and commentary on the tech scene….and their implications for non-profits, social... Read more »

Networking Online and Offline - Two Opportunities

Networking and resource sharing are critical when driving digital and technological excellence in socially beneficial initiatives, and thankfully, readers of this blog have two opportunities to network online and offline. First, this blog now has a formal Facebook presence, which not only allows me to share posts more easily, but also encourages you, the reader,... Read more »

Blog Action Day: Digital Excellence As a Human Right

Blog Action Day: Digital Excellence As a Human Right
For bloggers around the world (including this one), today is Blog Action Day, which focuses attention on issues and trends in social justice. This year’s theme – centered around human rights – proved to be challenge, until I realized that there was a basic concept which drives tech and the social good, that impacts individuals... Read more »

Non-Profit Government Shutdown Survival Guide

With the government shutdown underway, many non-profits may be confused about how to proceed. With the debt ceiling deadline looming on October 17th, many organizations find themselves proceeding with great caution. However, this is also an opportunity for Chicago area non-profits, social ventures, and other social change agents to consider taking a slightly different approach.... Read more »