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Ben Affleck, Batman, and Slacktivism

Current social media conversations have generated a large amount of interest…and controversy. Recent casting news about Ben Affleck as Batman has generated a great deal of awareness, controversy, and in some cases….online petitions. And it provides a great cautionary tale for non-profits, social ventures, community organizations, and other social change agents in Chicago. It’s called slacktivism, defined... Read more »

Meet Your Neighbor: Over the Rainbow Association

(Thanks to Eric Huffman and Derek Serafin for their time and consideration) Every once in awhile, I come across a “hidden treasure”: a non-profit, a resource, or some topic that is worth highlighting. On the blog this month, I’m happy to introduce you to an Evanston-based non-profit that focuses on removing barriers for a specific... Read more »

Sign Up for Social Media Week in September!

One area that non-profits, social entrepreneurs, and social change agents have great trouble understanding is the full impact of using social media. Many consultants often promote a basic “you-gotta-be-on-this-channel”  mentality, but rarely understand the impact on organizations, businesses, and individuals. Thankfully, Social Media Week – a global initiative that works towards explaining social, cultural and economic... Read more »