BOOK REVIEW: How To Get Your Next Non-Profit Job

BOOK REVIEW: How To Get Your Next Non-Profit Job

(Full Disclosure: a complimentary copy of Ms. Kay’s book was provided for review. My opinions are my own)

One of the many challenges for social change agents (and the rest of us) is finding meaningful work. I have written about my experiences¬†for Job Stalker (and I encourage you to consider taking over that blog), and know first-hand that many business-based job search books don’t quite capture the unique nature of seeking non-profit jobs and other work in the social sector.

Thankfully, Andrea Kay’s This is How To Get Your Next Job from Amacom Books is a great how-to guide, focusing as much on the job seeker’s inner work as on the inner workings of hiring managers. Although geared towards a more business-oriented audience, This is How You Get Your Next Job highlights the need to understand how You Are What You Seem – and what job seekers need to do in order to succeed.

Based on her own work as a career coach, Ms. Kay provides some great exercises in the early chapters of her book (which is a great, easy read), allowing the reader to understand their unique professional value. After taking an initial skills and value inventory, Ms. Kay discusses the various approaches to engaging potential employers – as well as things to avoid – and discusses how to manage the process. Thankfully, Ms. Kay does not guarantee set results despite the book’s title; This Is How You Get Your Next Job emphasizes inner development and overt effort over a traditional, almost finger-wagging approach to job seeking.

For social change agents, this is a necessary book, especially when determining the unique values that one brings to a job. With its focus on driving a core set of mission and values, the social change arena provides ample opportunities for the candidate who can define their value….and who has a slightly more professional edge. (Example – most non-profit professionals, when asked for leads, opt to send general listings like over connecting to potential hires). With increasing literacy in social media becoming paramount in job seeking, knowing the softer skills – both the inner work and the knowledge of the “business” side – can be very effective in moving forward professionally.

Ms. Kay’s book is a must-read, and you can learn more about her philosophy by visiting her web site.

Thank you for reading – again, if you are a job seeker and would like to consider adding blogging to your skill set, please contact Brendan over at the Job Stalker. (Ironically, I had left to focus on my own job search). If you have questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below, and please forward any personal comments or requests either via Linked In or my web site’s contact form. (When reaching out, please mention Chicago Now in your note).

And as always, thanks for reading!

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