Book Review: Who Says Social Benefit Is Only A MAN'S WORLD?

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Agents of social change – whether they work for non-profits, social ventures, or other organizations – face similar challenges in handling the professional landscape. From office politics to supervising others, it would be easy to mistake the more humanistic tone of social change efforts as “warm and fuzzy”; to survive, one needs to be “smart and sensitive”.

Thankfully, Emily Bennington’s Who Says It’s A Man’s World? is a great, easy-to-understand guide to navigating the office. Granted, its focus and emphasis are a little different – the book’s subtitle is The Girl’s Guide to Corporate Domination – but between the covers are a sharp, intelligently written guide to navigating professional waters.

It’s a great companion piece to The Mission Myth, which spoke about the need for a more business-style approach to running a non-profit. Unlike Mission Myth, Who Says It’s A Man’s World? is not geared specifically for non-profits, but its common sense, down-to-earth approach makes it easily accessible for those willing to improve how they handle themselves when taking on critical work that reflects personal values.

Thankfully, Bennington dedicates a significant portion of her book to assisting the reader in sharply defining their personal values. In a field of business books that focus mostly on leadership as a solid, goal-directed trait, it is refreshing to read an approach that would easily fit a more person and value-centered arena like non-profits or social ventures. Man’s World makes some excellent points, and is a great resource for professionals of either gender.

To sum up, Emily Bennington’s Who Says It’s A Man’s World? may sound like a very basic leadership tome for a specific gender….but it’s a surprisingly fresh, frank approach that many who work towards social benefits should read, providing insight and concrete examples of methods for handling even the most difficult of professional situations.

In short, I highly recommend this book.

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