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The Common Sense Guide To Social Media Networking

The Common Sense Guide To Social Media Networking
One of the many challenges I’m facing as I’m networking for full time or freelance work – especially in the Chicago social good/non-profit sphere – is how many of my colleagues seem to have minimal (if any) awareness of how to network appropriately, especially via social media. As I’ve discussed via another Chicago Now blog,... Read more »

Living A Mission-Driven Lifestyle

Increasingly, even though I blog about “tech” and “the social good” in Chicago, I’m surprised at how becoming an agent of the social good and leading a mission-driven life is becoming the “in” thing…both in terms of personal as well as business goals. A new state task force (FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a volunteer on... Read more »

Book Review: Who Says Social Benefit Is Only A MAN'S WORLD?

Agents of social change – whether they work for non-profits, social ventures, or other organizations – face similar challenges in handling the professional landscape. From office politics to supervising others, it would be easy to mistake the more humanistic tone of┬ásocial change efforts as “warm and fuzzy”; to survive, one needs to be “smart and... Read more »