Helping Non-Profits Get Hands On With Tech

Helping Non-Profits Get Hands On With Tech

For many non-profits in the Chicago area, making the transition to using technology – including hardware, software, and even web-based tools – can be a very daunting and intimidating task. It’s not just about affordability or digital literacy – it’s about navigating a relatively new field.

Thankfully, there’s a really great player in the field – Hands On Tech.

Hands On Tech (which is part of Hands On Suburban Chicago) is a local organization that provides training, staffing, and resources to help non-profits become more savvy in using tech. (In fact, they’ll be holding a presentation on non-profits and cloud computing this Thursday). Their mission is “to increase the nonprofit sector’s use of technology to build community resources and ultimately improve outcomes for low-income communities and families.”

Many of their trainings are done by volunteer presenters who know about their field and who can ease attendees into an ever-increasingly complicated field. All trainings and webinars are free to attend, and quite honestly, are well worth attending. In addition, Hands On Tech will perform some hands-on work with select non-profits, and even has an easy-to-complete online application.

In fact, Hands On Chicago has a variety of upcoming events, including:

In Chicago, there are a variety of organizations and resources for helping non-profits and other social good agents become more familiar with tech. (I should know – I’m one of them). But Hands On Tech is making a very active commitment to helping non-profits in the Chicago area….and they need to be recognized and promoted.

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