Film Fun Friday Through Tuesday for Non-Bears Fans

Film Fun Friday Through Tuesday for Non-Bears Fans

So we’re all familiar with the news that the Chicago Bears trounced the Dallas Cowboys and will be playing the Dallas Cowboys….but for those who have an interest in socially aware events, there are some great events starting Friday – and ending on Tuesday – that will be of great interest.

“Visual storytelling” is one of the new hot terms in non-profit/socially conscious tech, with infographics and “viral videos” becoming the norm on channels like Pinterest. One really exciting event that you may want to check out to see how video is empowering individuals to document social change is this weekend’s Chicago International Social Change Film Festival, being held at the Showplace Icon Theater at 150 W. Roosevelt Road.

Despite being centered in Chicago, the CISCFF will be showing a variety of films from around the world. With increasing use of visual media by non-profits and other social change agents, this is a great opportunity to witness firsthand people deciding to make positive change…and more importantly, to document it.

You are also more than invited to attend the upcoming Chicago Net Tuesday meeting on October 9th. There, we will be focusing on several upcoming initiatives, including DexCon (a conference in late October focusing on digital excellence and digital literacy), the Chicago Broadband Challenge, and efforts to assist the Community Male Empowerment Project in their advocacy efforts. We’ll even have food and refreshments, and you’re more than welcome to RSVP via our Meetup site.

So for those of you who aren’t football fans – or even those who are, but want to learn more about some great local events that focus on tech & the social good – this has been for you. As always, please leave comments and questions below, or drop me a note via Linked In (just cite Chicago Now in your note) or my web site’s contact form.

And as always, thanks for reading!

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