Blogs: The "Hidden" Social Network

Blogs: The "Hidden" Social Network

They are the “hidden” social network. This channel is one of the greatest tools an organization can use to promote the social good….and which is sorely underutilized.

I’m talking, of course, about blogs. You’re reading one, of course. (And I’m not the only socially conscious blogger on Chicago Nowor even in Chicago).

Why are blogs so powerful?  Think of it as DIY online publishing – it can be a way to promote your mission. It’s a way to build community by encouraging people to contribute and provide first-hand experiences to others. It’s a great way to create an online presence, with a variety of materials that you can post and use to move your organization forward.

There are many benefits to blogging – many blogging platforms are open source, or free to use; they can be easily syndicated via RSS  (meaning – people can have your posts “pulled” into a reader rather than you “pushing” out posts); and can often be done as part of an overall marketing/outreach strategy, and can be flexibly scheduled. (In addition, you can engage bloggers who may have an interest to write about you, and there’s a great guide for any disclosure requirements)

And finding blogs? It’s as easy as using Google Blog Search and Icerocket.

So for today, a very simple post about a simple tool – a web-based tool that rarely, if ever, gets any consideration in our Twitter/Pinterest/Facebook-driven conversation – but that can be powerful in building online communities and networks.

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Thanks for reading!

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