Socially Mobile: Upcoming Events of Interest

Many of us lead a very active lifestyle, and increasingly, we’re using mobile devices like iPads, smartphones, and other tech for online access. (Non-profits and social good organizations are also increasing their activity via mobile) There’s an event next week focusing on mobile tech that I’ll be participating in (and volunteering for) which I would like to promote….as well as provide some great networking and educational opportunities as well.

On September 24th, the Heartland Council is sponsoring a one-day “Mobile University” conference focusing on the latest in mobile marketing and development. In all honesty, there is a more corporate/private sector slant to this conference, but it’s a great opportunity to learn about an emerging technology. (Increasingly, non-profits and other social good entities are being encouraged to adopt their current practices towards the mobile sphere).  Thankfully, I am able to attend as a volunteer, since the cost is a bit high.

(Contrast this experience to another, more high profile conference coming this week. Currently, I’m doing pro bono consulting work for two low/zero budget non-profits, including one that only recently received their 501c3 status. When asked, the conference representative’s response was, “Well….you can pay our reduced consultant rate, we’re trying to keep those seats open for zero/low budget non-profits.” I have filled out a volunteer form – after all, I will not make false claims about my employment status with a pro bono client –  but to date have not received a response.)

Next Wednesday, if you’re a coder/programmer and are looking to help develop a great socially beneficial project, be sure to attend next week’s Hackathon for Social Good at 1871, which is free for everyone, including pro bono consultants)

Finally, I run a small – but growing – networking group called the Chicago Geek Breakfast. We’ll be meeting this Thursday, and you’re welcome to attend…but you’re responsible for your own breakfast. Details/RSVP information can be found here.

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