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Free art exchange boxes

Free art exchange boxes
Did you know a newspaper box isn’t just for dispensing newspapers? This is especially true in today’s world with the decline of print journalism. I’m here to tell you that Chicagoans have become creative with repurposing newspaper boxes to share art. I visited two locations I heard about the Logan Square and Wabash Art Drop... Read more »

Semicolon Bookstore and Gallery is pure bliss

Once you step foot inside Semicolon Bookstore & Gallery, you will immediately unwind. The space is casual and engaging with friendly staff ready to offer their knowledge. You might even run into an adorable dog while you are browsing. I’m not exaggerating when I say this place is pure bliss. What’s it like inside? Currently, there are... Read more »

UNDONE, live at Pilsen Yards

Physical art shows are so yesterday, at least in today’s world. While Artist Replete operates as an online art gallery, I bet they prefer in-person when it comes to shows. Regardless, it’s a thrill they are hosting their first virtual art show, UNDONE, featuring artists Jenny Vyas and Rawooh. Artist Replete is here for artists Artist Replete... Read more »

A new movement is hatched

A relatively new movement is born in Chicago even though it has been an idea for years. The movement became public knowledge in June when the protests were active against police brutality. I wanted to know more after receiving an invite to the Pilsen 16th St. & Peoria Project, so I asked the founder of... Read more »

Event of the season — "Paint It Up Art Weekend"

There are many reasons to explore a gem like Uptown (think art, food, architecture, and rich history). I recently explored the art scene in Uptown, as the murals are abundant and flourishing. I started at the Clifton Street Art Gallery to see the new additions since my last visit. The gallery offers a nice variety of... Read more »