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Free art exchange boxes

Free art exchange boxes
Did you know a newspaper box isn’t just for dispensing newspapers? This is especially true in today’s world with the decline of print journalism. I’m here to tell you that Chicagoans have become creative with repurposing newspaper boxes to share art. I visited two locations I heard about the Logan Square and Wabash Art Drop... Read more »

Let's Paint the Schools!

Photo courtesy Paint the City – Artist Ahmad Lee I follow Paint the City because I admire their goals and what they stand for. They are a “feel good” organization doing wonderful things for the people utilizing art. Nothing makes me happier than walking the streets looking for murals. Paint the City’s objectives Paint the... Read more »

Artsy patio at Pilot Project Brewing

Patios are the place to linger during these peculiar times and one of the best ones out there is at Pilot Project Brewing. It’s brimming with art, spread out nicely, and faces Milwaukee Street for some great people-watching. And, like the beer, the art is ever-changing, which continues to spark my interest.  They also brew... Read more »

Experiment at Pilot Project

I was intrigued by the name when I learned about Pilot Project Brewing through my street art account on Instagram. I saw a post about a phenomenal large-scale mural on the brewery’s exterior wall by local artist Czr Prz and couldn’t wait to check it out. I believe art not only enhances a brewery’s aesthetics, but... Read more »