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Chicago Joins Roses Against Violence

Photo courtesy Bradd Bambo I bet most women have experienced violence at some point in their life, verbal or physical, or at least know someone who has. I am no exception. This is why I became involved with the Roses Against Violence project. I like that it’s presented in a beautiful, artistic way using crocheted... Read more »

Buck's is a five-star in my book

Buck's is a five-star in my book
I will never forget the day I decided to look over the beer menu at Buck’s Four Star Grill. During that initial visit, I knew I would be a fan for life. I’m not one to hang out in the touristy areas of downtown; however, I will never outgrow Buckingham Fountain. Here are the reasons... Read more »

Buckingham Fountain is closed, but Buck's Four Star Grill is serving

I have imbibed at home for so long I almost forgot how to do it in public. The first place I decided to get acclimated to society was Buck’s Four Star Grill at Buckingham Fountain. I’m only willing to publicly indulge my favorite beverage outside, and the outdoor seating areas at Buck’s are well-suited to... Read more »