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When produce meets art!

When produce meets art!
I’m thirsty for details when a shipping container gets a complete makeover by Nick Fisher (@sickfisher). He posted photos of it on Instagram, so naturally, I had to get the scoop. I became more excited when I learned that greens are growing inside this quaint facility. The luscious menu includes Lin Ren Choi, Golden Frills... Read more »

Semicolon Bookstore and Gallery is pure bliss

Once you step foot inside Semicolon Bookstore & Gallery, you will immediately unwind. The space is casual and engaging with friendly staff ready to offer their knowledge. You might even run into an adorable dog while you are browsing. I’m not exaggerating when I say this place is pure bliss. What’s it like inside? Currently, there are... Read more »

Is Oprah back in the West Loop?

I have always been fascinated with Oprah Winfrey. Despite growing up in poverty, she rose to the top. I admire her tenacity and ability to accomplish so much on many levels. I have several fond Chicago memories related to her that go back about 10 years. My mom, aunt, and cousin came for a visit... Read more »