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Wabash Arts Corridor wants your vote!

“China Truborn” by Louise Jones I have some exciting news and I hope you will share my enthusiasm. Wabash Arts Corridor (WAC) has been nominated for USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice 2021 Award for best arts district. I have been a fan of WAC for years and tickled pink for their well-deserved nomination. Who is... Read more »

Immerse yourself in Chinatown and its art

I think of Chinatown as a cultural experience that temporarily takes me to another world without needing a plane. I haven’t visited in a while and was curious about some art, new and old. I made a point of exploring in light of the Lunar New Year with 2021 being the “Year of the Ox.”... Read more »

Artist Feature — Poetry by Boots

I’m smitten with poetry, which is why I get enthusiastic to read Instagram posts from Poetry by Boots. She has a way with words and her poems are relatable in everyday life. I occasionally come up with a witty haiku; however, I have decided to leave poetry to the professionals.  Did Boots move to Chicago?... Read more »

Artist Feature - Czr Prz

Whale mural at Pilot Project Brewing I’m excited for a new series that will feature some of my favorite local artists. Let’s begin with Czr Prz, whom I have followed on Instagram for years. I’m attracted to his artwork for many reasons including his use of bold colors and interesting subjects. I admire the way... Read more »

Semicolon Bookstore and Gallery is pure bliss

Once you step foot inside Semicolon Bookstore & Gallery, you will immediately unwind. The space is casual and engaging with friendly staff ready to offer their knowledge. You might even run into an adorable dog while you are browsing. I’m not exaggerating when I say this place is pure bliss. What’s it like inside? Currently, there are... Read more »

Garage door splendor in West Town

It’s no secret I am fond of alleys. No matter where I travel, I hunt them down. I have found impressive street art hiding behind storefronts, and the suspense of not knowing what lies ahead is part of the fun. Are painted garage doors a thing? I believe painted garage doors are catching on and... Read more »

UNDONE, live at Pilsen Yards

Physical art shows are so yesterday, at least in today’s world. While Artist Replete operates as an online art gallery, I bet they prefer in-person when it comes to shows. Regardless, it’s a thrill they are hosting their first virtual art show, UNDONE, featuring artists Jenny Vyas and Rawooh. Artist Replete is here for artists Artist Replete... Read more »

A new movement is hatched

A relatively new movement is born in Chicago even though it has been an idea for years. The movement became public knowledge in June when the protests were active against police brutality. I wanted to know more after receiving an invite to the Pilsen 16th St. & Peoria Project, so I asked the founder of... Read more »

Is Oprah back in the West Loop?

I have always been fascinated with Oprah Winfrey. Despite growing up in poverty, she rose to the top. I admire her tenacity and ability to accomplish so much on many levels. I have several fond Chicago memories related to her that go back about 10 years. My mom, aunt, and cousin came for a visit... Read more »

Janesville brought back memories & infused my soul

I follow Wallpapered City on social media, and when I saw they were curating several murals in downtown Janesville, I knew a trip was in order. Mural festivals have been canceled like everything else this year, so I was ecstatic. More importantly, it would renew my family history. Family history Fun fact — Janesville was named... Read more »