Deep Wood Series Summer Release

My summer just got better, thanks to Revolution Brewing. It isn’t easy to find my favored style, big stouts, during the warm months. Revolution’s Deep Wood Series kicked off on July 21st, featuring three impressive beers – Thundertaker, Lumberstruck, and Coconut Deth.

Thundertaker is an Imperial Rye Stout. This beer is a collab with Binny’s, using their premium bourbon barrels. Coconut Deth is an Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels with coconut. Lumberstuck is a Black English Barleywine and is my favorite because I love a great Barleywine.

I decided to start with a preview party the night before the release to get in as many drafts as possible. I have to thank Revolution Brewing for introducing me to one of the most excellent bars in the city, as I have never been to the Green Lady. I was served by none other than the “green lady” herself. The bar is decorated with beer tap handles, making for great photo ops (if only I thought of that at the time).

On release day, I hit Binny’s in Lakeview at 9 am sharp to get some Thundertaker 4-packs. I wasn’t sure what to expect since Thundertaker sold out online in minutes. There was a short line outside when I arrived, but no worries, because check-out was a breeze.

I had lunch at Revolution Brewpub and Kitchen, which included a tasty beet and radish dip, along with a draft of Thundertaker. I wandered for a couple of hours photographing street art and headed to the brewery for some variants. It was a tough decision, as I thought two would be enough given the high ABV. After chatting with the bartender, I chose Sanctuary No. 28 and Barrel 6150. YUM!

This Deep Wood Series release was exceptional, as one would expect from Revolution Brewing. I will savor every drop of my packaged products, and I’m already looking forward to the October release.

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