You are beautiful (yes, you!)

You are beautiful (yes, you!)
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Would you like to start each day on a positive note? If so, I recommend You Are Beautiful (YAB) products to help you feel good and ooze more confidence. The YAB project started making stickers in 2002 and opened its Chicago headquarters in 2018. Inside their headquarters, you will find a studio and retail storefront. YAB now produces clothing, desk art, jewelry, and more. They also create murals and art installations.

You will love their emails

I look forward to their beautiful emails in my inbox. They had some holiday specials going, so I ordered different styles of the YAB stickers. I added them to greeting cards and attached some to public surfaces where stickers are already in place.

This led to a social experiment

I had so much fun with this that I initiated a social experiment. I walked around in various neighborhoods offering strangers a sticker while asking them if I could take a photo. Most of the people politely declined; however, a few did accept. One man asked that I not photograph his face while others weren’t interested in a photo. Not a problem, as I was just happy to share some stickers!

Then, I saw a couple taking photos on a patio outside of Colectivo Coffee. I had a feeling they would be willing participants, and they did not disappoint. They understood the assignment and had me so excited I forgot to exchange information. Therefore, I don’t know their names, but they are the epitome of joy! Thank you, kind strangers, as you made my day.

Where to find the public art

YAB has public art installations in various cities around the country. You can find them on a convenient map here. I have discovered many sculptures over the years, but it would be fun to find them all. “You Got This” was an ideal piece to install during the pandemic. It makes for an attractive scene with the architecture in the background, as you can see in my cover photo.


Thank you to artist Matthew Hoffman, founder of You are Beautiful, for making the world a more inspiring place. I can’t wait to place a new order, and who knows, you might be the next person on the street who gets a sticker.

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  • Thank you for the story. I had seen the stickers, but I hadn't read about the company.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    You're welcome, Margaret, and thanks so much for checking it out! I didn't know about the company until I bought the stickers. It was a fun experiment.

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