An Albany Park Experience

An Albany Park Experience
Happen Space

I discovered this community from attending the Albany Park World Fest when it was being held many years ago (can someone bring it back?). What a great cultural experience this was, thanks to the outstanding music lineup, ethnic food stands, and people. The festival made me fall in love with this eclectic neighborhood, so it’s a shame that I haven’t spent much time in it since.

What brought me back

A specific goal brought my return. I had a meeting with the owner of Blue Moon Art Gallery and Healing Spa. Since I haven’t spent any quality time in a while, I decided to make the most of it. Walking to all of my intended stops was a breeze.

Everything’s coming up kale

I had to begin the day with some nourishment. I chose Kale My Name for the love of kale. The restaurant has an adorable patio that is perfect for solo or group dining. They even offer an afternoon tea party, people! Who wants to join me?

There are so many mouth-watering items on the menu it’s hard to choose. So, I ordered big with garlic kale, empanadas, and a side of fried tofu. The side of tofu isn’t on the menu, but they were kind enough to fulfill my request.

So much goodness!

Everything was delicious, and I had to take two empanadas home. A huge thank you to my phenomenal server, Alisa! She is an absolute delight and didn’t cave when she had to repeat herself.

I have to add some exciting news about this eatery. Actress Tabitha Brown is bringing Kale My Name to sunny Los Angeles. This lovely vegan fell hard for the restaurant. I am thrilled for Tabitha and Nemanja Golubovic, the restaurant’s owner. I cannot wait to see the new digs next year when I’m back in LA.

A new mural debuts

One of my favorite artists painted a mural on the side of Surge Billiards, so I crossed that off my list. Photos don’t do this piece justice. Czr Prz created it in collaboration with CATAN as part of their global public art project. Next time I’m in Albany Park, I need to have a beer at Surge Billiards.

Beautiful red-winged blackbird

Imagine my surprise when I came upon an art gallery I have meant to visit. Happen Space is a colorful addition to the neighborhood. It’s too bad I didn’t realize the gallery was in the area beforehand. I love what Aimee and Rodney Duran did on the outside and can’t wait to see the inside. Follow them on social media to learn about upcoming events.

Mural by Don Gratzke

After this day trip, I am even more hooked on Albany Park. I look forward to exploring again soon.

I heart Albany Park

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