Artist feature — Natalia Virafuentes

Artist feature — Natalia Virafuentes

Natalia Virafuentes is a Latinx artist born and bred in Chicago. She has a range of skills with a flair for digital illustrations, murals, and painting. She even designed an album cover!  One of the reasons I became attracted to Natalia’s work is her fascinating style, particularly the face and hand art (it’s all about the eyes). Here’s the bold piece I bought after seeing them on Instagram.

Enhancing Chicago, one neighborhood at a time

Natalia has painted murals all over the city, including Logan Square, Albany Park, and Pilsen. I recently found her lovely floral design outside of Khepri Cafe, and a mural she painted at Blue Moon Art Gallery. It was great to meet her in person as I watched her live paint at a Project Logan event.

What an entrance at Khepri Cafe
Pretty planter at Blue Moon Art Gallery
Against Da Fence at Project Logan

She’s got the goods!

Natalia’s online store is extensive. Her wares include but are not limited to clothing, phone cases, accessories, and stationery. This would be a great time to start your holiday shopping while supporting a local artist.

Contact for services

Natalia loves painting murals and is actively seeking new opportunities. You can contact her direct via Instagram or through her website. I eagerly await tracking down some fresh paint.

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