Artist feature — Cecilio Garcia

Artist feature — Cecilio Garcia

Cecilio Garcia, also known as Pitiz Art, is an artist who focuses on acrylic, watercolor, murals, and custom orders.  I discovered this talent first-hand at a live painting event in Pilsen. The two things I applaud most about Cecilio’s artistic skills are his dog portraits and his ability to paint celebrities into recognizable portraits. He has amazing versatility and chooses color wisely. So, I decided to ask him to engage in an interview.

Let’s get this chat started

Did you always know you would be an artist? What is most fulfilling about it?

I’ve been doodling and drawing for since I can remember. So I feel like it’s always been a dream to be able to paint at all times. The most fulfilling part of it has been to be able to create and see people smile when they see my art.

I see in your bio that you specialize in knife work portraits. I’m not familiar with that technique, can you explain what that is?

I started painting with a brush and felt like I wasn’t getting true fulfillment. Then I tried a painting knife to add texture. Right away I fell in love with the satisfaction of the paint landing on the canvas. I truly enjoyed every stroke as the pallet knife covered more than a brush.

I discovered you as an artist by finding some of your excellent murals. Do you have a favorite? I’m torn between Frida and Salvador Dali (I can never pick a favorite anything).

If I had to choose a favorite it would definitely be Frida in Pilsen. I had the pleasure of painting with many cool artists, and it was the beginning of painting with aerosol. I fell in love with the technique.

Located at 16th & Peoria in Pilsen

Regarding the Frida mural, one of the things I’m drawn to is that her face is “cut off” at the eyes. I read that you find eyes to be the most powerful part of the human face. Is that why you painted her this way?

This is one of the reasons I painted her from the eyes up. I also love one of her quotes about eyes and eyebrows – “The most important part of the body is the brain. Of my face, I like the eyebrows and eyes.” Being able to recognize a person from just their eyes probably says a lot about how powerful she is to many.

You paint a lot of animals, especially dogs. Do you have any pets?

I started painting dogs because I love animals, and yes, I do have a pit bull. I love seeing how happy people are when they get a painting of their favorite pet:)

Are you actively looking for wall space to paint outdoor murals?

I am actively looking for walls to paint. I slowed down because some personal things got in the way (life gets in the way many times), but I feel like sacrificing things in life comes with being an artist.

Neon Dali along the 606

If someone offered you a round-trip ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I would love to visit Italy. Amazing architecture, amazing art, amazing museums, and sculptures are the reasons I would choose Italy.

Do you prefer working with watercolor or acrylic? Is one easier than the other?

I enjoy acrylic painting best, but watercolor is sooo much fun. I can’t say either is easier, though.

What are your goals for the remainder of this year and moving into 2022?

My goals would be painting three more murals and hopefully have my first solo show in mid-winter *fingers crossed.* Also, to paint my garage with my pup’s portrait.

He’s ready to paint – contact info

If you have wall space available, please contact Cecilio via Instagram or email at He also has experience painting garage doors, which has grown in popularity. If you are looking for wall decor ideas, check out his website to view some of the beautiful commissions he has done.

Ace Frehley – photo courtesy Cecilio Garcia

A big thanks to Cecilio for allowing me to delve into his life a bit. I look forward to hunting new murals and his first solo show (positive vibes). We need something to look forward to during those killer winter months.

Homer loves beer too! Another mural at West Town Wine & Spirits.

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