Color Carnival by Itee

Color Carnival by Itee

Let me introduce you to Itee Jindal, also known as Color Carnival by Itee. Itee hails from India but is now based in Chicago as an engineer professional. I became a fan because she paints beautiful, colorful, whimsical art that is amazingly detailed. When I see her work in my feed, it instantly makes me smile. I’m so impressed that I offered to share her talents here.

A brief intro from Itee

“I am a self-taught artist. My mom has an MA in arts and my dad makes beautiful paintings, so I get my inspiration from them. Art is a therapy for me and my happy place. I have been painting and crafting from an early age, but recently started selling my work on Etsy after getting a lot of encouragement from friends and family.”

“I have always loved colors and that is reflected in my paintings. I love to explore and paint different themes, but so far I have worked mostly on religious, landscape, and abstract pieces. I usually work on 9×12, 12×18, and 18×24 acrylic linen sheets/canvas. I use modeling paste, gesso acrylic paints, Posca Pens, and Micron Pens to create my work. I also varnish the finished works of art.”

Itee would love to hear from you!

Wouldn’t your environment be more aesthetically pleasing with some color from Itee? If you have wall space available at your business and would like to discuss options with Itee, please email her at or direct message through Instagram.

It has been a pleasure getting some insight into Itee’s artistic background. You can also follow Itee’s art journey through her Facebook page. And, don’t forget to check out her Etsy shop (free shipping!). I’m always looking forward to seeing what she does next while brightening up Instagram.

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