A day full of masterpieces

Mural by @dredske

Milwaukee Avenue had not been the same since Revolution Brewing – Brewpub closed their doors for the winter. The pub reopened on April 7th and I was thirsty! I took a day off from work to celebrate, arriving the moment they opened to secure a prime window seat. I didn’t need a menu and was salivating over what was to come. I ordered a Baby Kale Salad, Sanctuary #24: Double Barrel Deth Jacket, and Cuvée de Grâce 2021.

Typical perfection from Revolution

The WOW factor for these beers was high, as I expected it would be. Cuvée de Grâce is one helluva blend that was created using 36 oak barrels including Deth’s Tar, Ryeway to Heaven, Straight Jacket, Thundertaker, and Ryeway to Heaven/Straight Jacket blend. All these barrels lend a huge barrel presence, along with notes of dark chocolate and tobacco. This brew is the perfect combination of sweet and heat.

Sanctuary #24 kicked my taste buds into next year. This outstanding blend of Deth’s Tar and Straight Jacket spent about four and a half years in a number of bourbon barrels. Dessert is served with this complex beer containing layers of chocolate, toffee, caramel, and vanilla.

The kale salad was the perfect accompaniment to the beverages. It’s a meal in itself, but not overly filling. The salad is loaded with good stuff including veggies, pretzel croutons, pepitas, and shaved parmesan. I left the brewpub full of bliss and ready to take on the streets.

An art lover’s utopia

I’m late to the game exploring a hidden alley close to Revolution. It has been on my radar for some time, and I was ready for the hunt. The alley is near the intersection of Milwaukee and Richmond. The amount of art here took me by surprise, and it’s fantastic. The murals are colorful, imaginative, and playful. I don’t want to spoil all the fun, so I’m sharing a teaser.

Mural by @maxsansing
Mural by @diskeuno
Mural by @2MIL

Who brought these artists together?

The efforts of this project are brought to you by Billy Craven, owner of Galerie F. The gallery has curated other mural installations throughout the city. They also hold monthly events and do other cool stuff, so check them out.

Drinking outstanding beer, walking in the sunshine, and finding awe-inspiring murals is my idea of a perfect day. Cheers to more days like this!

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