Spring brought the return of Kasey's Tavern

Kasey’s Tavern is a popular sports bar in the Printer’s Row neighborhood. I, along with many other customers, have been anxiously awaiting those boarded windows to open. The exciting announcement came through social media with the bar’s reopening on March 22, 2021.

Kasey’s captured my heart the first time I stepped through those vintage doors and I couldn’t wait to return. It’s the type of bar where everyone can feel comfortable, sports fan or not. Their longevity as Chicago’s second oldest bar goes to show how well-received the establishment is. The charm, staff, low prices, and beer menu keep me coming back for more.

Something for everyone including pizza!

The menu at Kasey’s Tavern never disappoints if you love beer as much as I do. With 100+ beer products to choose from, you know there’s something for everyone. No worries if you aren’t into beer (we can’t be friends though), because Kasey’s offers an impressive liquor menu including a few special whiskeys. Pizza is also available with pies as low as $5. 

Brooklyn Brewery for the win

My visit was quick to say hello and drink one beer. I chose a Black Chocolate Stout from Brooklyn Brewery for two reasons – it sounded delicious and I haven’t had a dark beer from this brewery. I did a Brooklyn Brewery tour in 2018, which I highly recommend if you are in the area. I enjoyed all the “light” beers on the tour, so I was anxious to try something dark. The chocolate stout was smooth, chocolatey, and rich. It was really tasty, so I hope they brew more dark beers in the future.

The patio is smokin’

Kasey’s Tavern has a fantastic sidewalk patio that is nicely spread out. Don’t fret during the unpredictable spring weather, as they have sweet fire tables to take the chill off if the alcohol isn’t enough to warm you up. 

If you haven’t already, stop by Kasey’s Tavern to show them some love. The entire staff will greatly appreciate your visit. Please note – it’s CASH ONLY.

The yarn bomber strikes again

I recommend taking a left when you exit the bar to delight in a fabulous bike wheel doily by @valerieplz. Valerie is known to decorate the South Loop regularly with her unique, colorful yarn bombs.

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