Immerse yourself in Chinatown and its art

I think of Chinatown as a cultural experience that temporarily takes me to another world without needing a plane. I haven’t visited in a while and was curious about some art, new and old. I made a point of exploring in light of the Lunar New Year with 2021 being the “Year of the Ox.” I strolled Wentworth Avenue, peering through storefront windows while enjoying the gorgeous red lanterns and remarkable architecture.

Triple Crown has a new dragon

I was thrilled to check out a new dragon mural inside Triple Crown Restaurant, which is a collaboration between @revisecmw and @jasladiosa. One of the gracious hosts permitted me to photograph the mural and it is mesmerizing. I look forward to being seated near that when I’m fully vaccinated and can enjoy indoor dining again.

This park is a true gem

Ping Tom Memorial Park was next on my agenda because I don’t think I have ever been. Ping Tom is a peaceful place with a nice playground and plenty of spots to gather or relish the tranquility alone. When available, the park offers kayak rentals and a field house with several amenities. It’s off the beaten path and flaunts a spectacular view of the city’s skyline. 

Photography tip

I also recommend taking in the skyline from nearby 18th Street Bridge.

Who beautified Ping Tom with art?

Anna Murphy painted some lovely murals at Ping Tom Park back in September of 2019. I wish I knew about it at that time to take part in the unveiling ceremony. Anna is known for delicate floral designs and her murals at Ping Tom are ideal for the setting.

Random art discoveries

This wonderful day in a delightful neighborhood is just what I needed for a bit of escapism.

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