First Draft will leave you coming back for more

The pandemic has been brutal on everyone, including businesses trying to survive with closures and reduced capacity. I’m still not game for sitting indoors at a bar or restaurant; therefore, I have become a winter badass looking for accessible patios.

First Draft is a winner!

A recent experience was delightful at a favorite venue in the South Loop neighborhood. First Draft is well-known for its extensive, solid beer list. I have yet to explore their food menu, as I always end up reserving my appetite for the beer. That’s not a bad thing, right? 

I appreciated the great service

Upon arrival, I could see the patio wasn’t set up. I went inside to inquire and a lovely gentleman jumped right in and said “give me 5 minutes.” He did an amazing job, providing me with a small heater near my feet along with a full-size heat lamp. My Saturday was already complete.

Unique beers were calling my name

I started off with a bang, ordering a Cahoots Barrel-Aged 5 by Cahoots Brewing. This is an anniversary Russian Imperial Stout with a whopping 15% ABV. It warmed me to my toes with a flavor profile consisting of bourbon, a bit of chocolate and vanilla, and oak. So good!

My second beer was a Hypnopompa, an Imperial Pastry Stout by Omnipollo (microbrewery in Sweden) and brewed at Twelve Percent Beer Project. This beer is loaded with marshmallows and vanilla beans, sitting at an ABV of 11%. I mostly tasted coffee and chocolate, which made it a little bitter and not as sweet as other pastry stouts I have had. It was still tasty, though.

I can’t recommend First Draft enough and look forward to trying their food one of these days. If you prefer indoors during the winter months, the venue is nicely spread out for comfort. There is also a heated tent on the patio; however, I chose to sit at a table outside of the tent. Cheers!

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