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West Town Feeds becomes a reality

One of the best things to come out of this pandemic is Robert Magiet. Robert owns TaKorea Cocina and is one of the most giving humans in the city. He takes pride in making sure his neighbors are well taken care of, especially during COVID-19. Robert’s goal becomes a reality Robert started West Town Feeds... Read more »

Garage door splendor in West Town

It’s no secret I am fond of alleys. No matter where I travel, I hunt them down. I have found impressive street art hiding behind storefronts, and the suspense of not knowing what lies ahead is part of the fun. Are painted garage doors a thing? I believe painted garage doors are catching on and... Read more »

Winter Balcony Series - December

I have felt trapped in my tiny studio apartment and needed a dose of normalcy. My balcony is also pretty compact, but it’s my escape and furnished with two awesome Adirondack chairs. Given that winter is here to stay, I decided it was time to develop some strategies to stay sane and have a little... Read more »