UNDONE, live at Pilsen Yards

Photo courtesy Danny Cantu

Physical art shows are so yesterday, at least in today’s world. While Artist Replete operates as an online art gallery, I bet they prefer in-person when it comes to shows. Regardless, it’s a thrill they are hosting their first virtual art show, UNDONE, featuring artists Jenny Vyas and Rawooh.

Artist Replete is here for artists

Artist Replete has been around since 2017 to give rising artists the chance to showcase and sell their work. The gallery knows their craft well and expanded to offer other services including logo work, album covers, and interior/exterior murals. If you are an up and coming artist, I highly recommend getting in touch.

Pilsen Yards is the perfect backdrop

UNDONE is on display at the chic, new Pilsen Yards. The venue hasn’t had a chance to open to the public yet, so I was elated for the opportunity to peek inside. The show will take you through this gorgeous space and have you pining for an opening date. 

The spectacular art

The artwork by Rawooh and Jenny Vyas is powerful and spoke to me through my Chromebook. Each artist has a unique style and I admire their versatility. I follow them both on Instagram and always look forward to seeing their vision (Rawooh and Jenny).

Photo courtesy Danny Cantu

How to enter the show

You can register for free by sending an RVSP. Once you register, you will receive an email with a password and link to enter UNDONE. The show is curated well, and as you are looking around, you can click on each piece for all the details including the price.

The virtual show will run until December 12, 2020, and private showings are available upon request by sending an email to info@artistreplete.comI suggest getting dolled up, crack open a nice bottle of wine, and relish the sexy art. I love that I can watch the show as many times as I want with no one judging me.

Photographer Danny

On behalf of Artist Replete, thank you to Danny Cantu for the fantastic shots (much better than my screenshots). If you want to learn more about Danny and his photography, you can find him on Instagram.

Exceptional outdoor beauty

It’s always a pleasure to find murals from these incredibly talented artists and here’s a couple of my favorites. Get to know these artists and enjoy the show!

Jenny Vyas mural – Clifton Street Art Gallery in Uptown


Rawooh mural – 2121 S. Racine in Pilsen

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