A new movement is hatched


A relatively new movement is born in Chicago even though it has been an idea for years. The movement became public knowledge in June when the protests were active against police brutality. I wanted to know more after receiving an invite to the Pilsen 16th St. & Peoria Project, so I asked the founder of The Mural Movement for a little history.

Jack of all trades

Let me share my assertion of Delilah Martinez first by saying she can teach you how to rule the world. Aside from founding The Mural Movement, this hard-working queen manages well-known artist Sentrock and owns Vault Gallerie and VIP Paints. I wonder if she ever sleeps.

Well worth the wait

“The Mural Movement started June 2 with murals on storefronts that were boarded up. The mural movement is murals that support diversity, unity, black lives matter, and black and brown unity. My mural projects include community engagement such as feeding the community, employing youth from that community to assist on projects, and cleaning up areas.”

“It took me two years to get the Viaduct Beautification Project in Pilsen approved by the alderman. Originally, I had planned for 24 artists but ended up inviting 31. I own Vault Gallerie so I’m familiar with many artists. I added the other seven as we got closer to the date, and with fundraising, I was able to afford to buy more materials for the artists. I worked hard on curating everyone next to each other, they didn’t just pick where they wanted to go. I made sure it had a flow. This was all volunteer work, but the artists were paid for materials through fundraising from myself and the community. I pick artists according to the neighborhood and current times. I make sure they have a valuable message that supports the community.”

My heart is full

Don’t you love everything this movement stands for? I’m so happy it’s here and I would like to get involved as much as possible. This is the kind of stuff every community needs, now more than ever. I believe art heals and makes the world a better place. It keeps me going even during heavy moments. 

The viaduct beautification creatives

A shout-out to the generous, talented, creative artists who made this project a huge success. I encourage you to walk through the 16th Street viaduct at Peoria as often as you can, as it’s uplifting and eye-popping. Be sure to check out their Instagram accounts and show them some love.



Ca$h Era was in the house

I have to mention the fantastic, attentive DJ. Even the numerous dogs in attendance couldn’t get enough of CaSera, especially this cutie.


This is probably the most fun I have had watching art transform. The energy and positivity were nonstop. Bonus points for these murals being under the viaduct to protect you from the rain and snow (a colorful way to care for those winter blues). I can’t wait to see what is next for The Mural Movement.

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