Buckingham Fountain is closed, but Buck's Four Star Grill is serving


I have imbibed at home for so long I almost forgot how to do it in public. The first place I decided to get acclimated to society was Buck’s Four Star Grill at Buckingham Fountain. I’m only willing to publicly indulge my favorite beverage outside, and the outdoor seating areas at Buck’s are well-suited to social distancing. This is the perfect place to relax with a beer and the architectural views never get old.

Primo Patio Seating

While Buckingham Fountain is resting as part of the city’s response to COVID-19, it doesn’t hinder the perspective surrounding it. I highly recommend checking out Buck’s during sunset time, as it’s entertaining to watch the pedicabs with their tricked out, lit-up vehicles.


Solid Tap List

I have visited this delightful place many times and the tap list is always solid. Despite being a seasonal food stand, there has always been a nice variety of styles with something unique on the menu. My recent visit was no exception with a beaut from Pipeworks Brewing. Pothole City is an Imperial/Double Stout that’s a real treat with notes of chocolate and marshmallow (adult ice cream). And, this phenomenal brew is ONLY $6.00! 


Carnivore Lover’s Paradise

There’s plenty for carnivores to love with a food menu that includes hot dogs, burgers, chicken tenders, and more. I continue to drool over the thought of the Spicy Kimchi Dog with a veggie dog option. There’s also plenty of snacks and sides with prices for every budget.

Buck’s Four Star Grill is currently open Friday through Sunday, so get your fill of patio time before they close in September. 


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