Deep Wood Series Preview Party at Fatpour


I decided it was time to attend a Deep Wood Series preview party to avoid trying to drink all the exceptional beers at the Revolution Brewing release. It’s a good thing I did since I had to bail on the January event. I chose the preview party at Fatpour Tap Works in Wicker Park since this bar has been on my radar for a while and, what can I say, the introduction was sublime.

Drink different

It’s immediately clear how sizable this venue is. The bi-level space has a glass keg cooler, which makes for an interesting focal point. The beer selection is off the charts with 60 drafts and 200+ bottles to choose from. Their motto is “drink different” which makes perfect sense.

Unique glass keg cooler

WOW — Revolution Brewing does it again

I arrived at the start of the event and was able to find a seat at the bar. I ordered both releases at once — Ten Year Beer and Cuvée De Grâce. I sipped them both due to the high ABV (13.6% and 14.6%) and to savor each drop. Revolution Brewing continues to blow my mind with their complex, creative brews. I have yet to pick a favorite of the two although I’m leaning towards the Cuvée because I love that barrel-aged flavor.

Impeccable staff

I was sitting at the end of the bar and realized this is where the impeccable staff congregates when they aren’t busy tending to customers or tables. No one was or would be waiting for anything with the number of staff available. They were all super friendly and ready to serve. I can’t thank my bartender enough, as Tania went above and beyond. Give that girl a raise!

Thank you, Tania

Just one more beer (and fries)

For me, catching a buzz goes hand in hand with french fries. They arrived perfectly salted and crisp, which made me ready for one more beer because I couldn’t resist a 30th Anniversary Barrel-Aged Blend by Boulevard. This Imperial Stout is full-bodied and thick with notes of coffee and chocolate.

Get in my belly

I plan to make Deep Wood Series preview parties an annual tradition. I’m glad that my first one was at Fatpour, as I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I see more visits to Fatpour in my future.

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