The Underground Art Market had me at Hello


I recently attended the Underground Art Market for two specific reasons — to explore the exquisite oddities at Salvage One and meet one of my favorite local artists, Daniel Wilson. Of course, I also planned to visit the many vendors in attendance to check out their wares.

What is the Underground Art Market?

The art market is an annual holiday pop-up event organized by artist Kelly Spring. The December 2019 event was held at Salvage One in the West Town neighborhood. The market offers a space where artists can display and sell their products. The focus is typically on recycled art, wellness, green initiatives, and those who support charitable causes. This is the ideal event to buy holiday gifts as unique as your loved ones.

Salvage One is a Showstopper

Salvage One is a true showstopper and a dream for antique lovers. Upon entry, I knew this would be a one-of-a-kind experience. The building is a 60,000 square foot storeroom filled with extraordinary gems for sale. It’s also a rental space that would make a sensational backdrop for any type of event. There are five different spaces to choose from including a courtyard/outdoor ceremony space. It would also be an uber-cool place to do a photo shoot. Just see for yourself!





Surprise Poem by The Windy City Wordsmith

The day was already progressing swimmingly and then I stumbled upon The Windy City Wordsmith who asked if I would like a spontaneous poem. Elated at the prospect, the answer was a resounding yes. The poet was sitting on a beautiful gold sofa and one couldn’t help but admire his Olympia vintage typewriter. I told him my three main passions are travel, art, and beer. It only took him a few minutes to come up with this excellent poem that I have proudly framed and displayed. You can find him on Facebook and Instagram, so please show this talent some love.

The brilliant poet


It Took Just One Look

I discovered this gifted artist when I found his astonishing mural on the B_Line. The realistic face and eyes drew me in and wouldn’t let go. I had to learn more.

Beautiful human

Who is Daniel Wilson?


Hi – I’m Daniel Wilson

Daniel Wilson is a multi-media artist who specializes in painting, illustration, and photography. Per his website, “Daniel paints and draws in acrylic, pen, marker, spray paint, ink as well as using his own photography in his work. His art looks at the hidden fabric behind the human condition, space and life; energy waves, atoms, thought, ideas, human connection. It often has a strong representation of human emotions, hidden feelings. The life behind life.”

Daniel shared with me that he has one mural in the works and I can’t wait to see it. Currently, he has kept busy with studio and commission work including a series of commissions based on the portraits from his Violet Hour mural, which is no longer there.

Photo by Daniel Wilson of his 2017 mural

I applaud him for repurposing items such as paper bags, currency, and food boxes when creating his art.



Daniel had so many impressive pieces of art for sale that it wasn’t an easy task to choose what to bring home. I eventually selected this one.

Isn’t she lovely?

This event exceeded my expectations and I’m already looking forward to what lies ahead at the Underground Art Market this December. Aren’t you?

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