Celebrate Weed at Chicago Truborn

Photo courtesy Chicago Truborn

Love it or hate it, Illinois has become the 11th state to legalize marijuana as of January 1, 2020. To celebrate this milestone, Chicago Truborn hosted a gallery night entitled “Weed the People – A Celebration of Freedom” on January 11th. I planned to attend and cover the show; however, I was under the weather and so was the forecast.

While opening night has come and gone, you can still score a dramatic piece of weed-related art until February 15, 2020. The artists are too many to mention here, so I included the flyer to show whose art is gracing the walls of Truborn. Check out the online store to see which pieces are still for sale and note the artwork is appropriately priced at $420 or less (clever).


One of the things that impress me about Chicago Truborn is they don’t want a price tag to scare you and your budget away; therefore, they offer a payment plan. You can pay via a QuadPay plan on every item. QuadPay allows a customer to split their payment into four equal installments with ZERO interest and ZERO fees. This is such a great deal, so no excuses if you become enamored with one-of-a-kind art.

You will feel at home the minute you enter this attractive, colorful gallery. The mood is unpretentious, and the exhibits are free and open to the public. Chicago Truborn loves hosting events, so follow their Facebook page to see what’s up next.

Beautiful entrance thanks to @iameelco

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