Soar high, Ruth George


Facebook photo of Ruth and her mother

I cried myself to sleep last night over someone I didn’t know. Why you might ask? Because I’m a mother. Because I’m human. Because I’m a female. Ruth George was a 19-year-old UIC student, who according to what I have read, was an honors student and the light of her family. At 19, she was just beginning her adult life with dreams and aspirations like everyone else.

Thanks to a convicted criminal with a long rap sheet, he took that away from her. Just like that. I refuse to say this savage animal’s name. He served a mere two years of a six-year sentence for armed robbery. He was released last year, walking the streets like a law-abiding citizen.

You have all those victim blamers out there hiding behind their screen, pounding the keyboard typing “well, she shouldn’t have been out that late alone, she shouldn’t have been in a parking garage at that hour, etc. They are right — she shouldn’t have been because that’s our world. What people should be saying is that SHE SHOULD BE ABLE TO BUT CAN’T.

I’m trying to focus on the positive, but when something like this happens, we need to talk about it and wonder what we, as citizens, can do to help stop the violence against women. I am sad. I am angry. I have had enough.

I grieve for this young woman and her family. This was an absolutely senseless act by someone who should have stayed behind bars. Our criminal justice system is inept in so many ways.

Rest in power and soar high, Ruth George. I will keep saying your name. My deepest condolences to your family; I can’t imagine how they will come out of the darkness.


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    It would be wrong to mention race at a time like this. It is only appropriate to mention race when it is advantageous to blacks. Any mention of race in crimes when the perpetrator is black is considered racist. But it is NOT racist to mention race if the perpetrator is white or, god forbid, a white cop. This story will be buried soon bc it is mot racially covenient to blacks, liberals, sjws and the Democrat party. RIP Ruth George.

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    In reply to Michael Huang:

    I don’t normally reply to comment trolls, but it sounds like you’re in a lot of pain, and you need to know that the world isn’t conspiring against you or your beliefs. I hope you find some peace.... Maybe if someone had been kind to the monster who killed this student, we could have avoided this tragedy.

  • In reply to Michael Huang:

    Since the offender was charged both his mugshot and name have been released. There’s a public record. Other than that how exactly is race an issue for you, in this case. Sometimes race is germane in a situation but not when it’s weaponized to make a statement about an entire race of people. The race of this offender isn’t matter of inconvenience, it just shouldn’t be a statement.

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    I also cried myself to sleep over poor Ruth and her devastated family, last night. This hits so close to home. Poor baby. Thank you for this. You said it all perfectly.

  • In reply to Amy O’Connor:

    Thank you, Amy. It's a sad and challenging time.

  • If people can't raise kids well, they shouldn't have them. Stop wasting tadpayers money on welfare and spending money on jails trying to rehab these animals.

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