Colorful Passports in the South Loop

Artist Evan Kasle

If you live or work in the South Loop, you may have noticed it has become more eye-catching with some new door art known as “Corri-doors.” While large-scale murals have hung around for some time, the artsy doors are a new project by Wabash Arts Corridor (WAC) in partnership with Columbia College. I have always had a “thing” for doors, so I find this quite appealing.

Artist Melanie Vazquez

7 Painted Doors

Per a press release provided by the curator, Yvvi Atanasov, the goal was to choose 7 doors in the South Loop close to Columbia College campus to create unique murals by students and recent alumni. This outdoor art exhibition further enhances the Corridor while being a low-cost, high-impact public art project to engage new audiences to see what’s happening at Columbia and WAC. Photos courtesy of Wabash Arts Corridor.

Artist Erik Selgado

Artist Lily Cozzens

Where to Find These Beauties

The addresses/artist names for the Corri-doors are as follows:

  • 777 S. State St. — alley garage door by artist Megan Troglio.
  • 599 S. Plymouth Ct. — artist Evan Kasle.
  • 737 S. Wabash Ave. (three doors from Balbo to 8th St.) — by artists Erik Salgado, Melanie Vazquez, and Lillian Cozzens. Also, the alley behind the Blackstone Hotel by artist Tara Hamilton.
  • Please note – the project is awaiting the 7th door to be painted.

Artist Tara Hamilton

Artist Megan Troglio

Free Exercise

For me, the excitement has always been that moment your eyes meet the art you are searching for. Not to mention, getting in some free exercise! So get your eyes and feet down to the Wabash Arts Corridor to check out the new doors.


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  • Hey Beer girl, My only problem with your love of street art is the last photo. What's your take on Taggers bombing property that's not there's, like the CTA, Garages, El Trains,Platforms, and Buildings. Check me out on Google. I was the dire enemy of those guys in the 80 and 90s. Lt Bob Angone Chicago Police Graffiti !should give you a picture of my feelings on it. I'm also a fellow ChicagoNow contributor. What's your take on Yuengling? Its the only beer I have once in a while.I'm a Tito's guy.

  • Hey Bob! I despise tagging, especially on someone's art. I recently went to see Muebon's new pieces in Logan Square and they were already tagged. Very sad... I can't believe I haven't had any beer from Yuengling, especially given the fact they are America's oldest brewery. I will have to check it out sometime. Thanks for the comment.

  • In reply to Sher:

    Sher, I wrote a brief summary on on July 7, 2018, on the Graffiti uprising in Chicago. You might be interested in reading it. My Blog is called "Just Sayin." I remember when beer was so simple back in the day. Now it's like the bread Isle,100s of choices.I remember when we couldn't' buy COORS is Chicago,I had to shmooze Air LIne Attendants to bring back a case every so often.

  • In reply to BOB ANGONE:

    I'll check it out, Bob, thanks!

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