A Milwaukee Daycation


Elated to find this beauty by Case Maclaim

Milwaukee is a hidden jewel less than two hours from Chicago. Both cities have similarities including outstanding breweries, buzzworthy restaurants, and a prime location along Lake Michigan. It’s an easy daycation from Chicago, even if you don’t want to drive because you can take a bus or train.

Goals For The Day

I had four goals — Sculpture Milwaukee, Eagle Park Brewing, Black Cat Alley, and the Public Market. I accomplished three out of four goals. Not bad, right?

First Stop

I started the day along Wisconsin Avenue, capturing as many sculptures as I could find. Sculpture Milwaukee has made Wisconsin Avenue more lively and colorful thanks to 23 unique sculptures from world-renowned artists. A map is available if you prefer that method; however, I enjoyed seeking them out on my own. The exhibition ends its 2019 run on October 27th, so don’t delay in seeing it for yourself. Here are a few of my favorites:


Chase Bank makeover by artist Carlos Rolon


Whimsical piece by the Haas Brothers


Magical Thinking by Gail Simpson & Aris Georgiades


Hot Dog Vendor by Red Grooms


Hera by Tony Matelli

Second Culture Destination

Black Cat Alley is a must-see destination on the historic east side. This captivating outdoor art gallery boasts 21 murals by artists from as far away as Berlin. There are many noteworthy pieces to feast your eyes on, making it a great place for photo opportunities.  You can find this artistic alleyway behind the Oriental Theater at the intersection of North Avenue and Ivanhoe with access from Prospect Avenue near the AXE Bar. Here are a few snaps from my collection:


Artist @cera_streetart


For Lucy My Mom My Favorite Immigrant by @davidnajibkasir


Artist Jenny Jo Kristan


Artist @byada_artist


Artist @emmadaisy

A Slight Detour

While en route to Eagle Park Brewing from Black Cat Alley, I came upon Good City Brewing. I knew I would be drinking plenty of suds at Eagle Park, but I couldn’t pass up a beer listed on the sandwich board as a special of the day. Audacity, a rum and port barrel-aged Belgian Quad summoned me in.  This beer is a palate pleaser with a nice balance of sweet and strong (ABV of 10.4%). Good City has a spacious, tastefully decorated taproom with welcoming staff to boot. As Arnold would say, “I’ll be back.”




I will be seeking the good on my next visit to Milwaukee

Eagle Park Brewing Delivers!


Eagle Park Brewing — you know how to deliver (in more ways than one). I have never met an IPA that I liked enough to order nor have these lips ever touched a sour. That changed during my visit to Eagle Park, as I sampled and ordered a Tropical Slush (Sour – Fruited) and Vegan BOTM’s Up (an IPA – Milkshake). That’s how good their beer is. The Tropical Slush is fruity, not sour, and would be the perfect breakfast accompaniment. The IPA offers luscious notes of orange and vanilla.

Tropical Slush sent me to paradise

I also drank two dark beers including a Koko Kleiber (Imperial Stout) and an Oatmeal Brown Ale. The Brown Ale is smooth, tasty, and chocolatey. The Koko Kleiber is a special brew and was the stand out for me. This stout is a collab with Horus Aged Ales and brewed with maple syrup and aged on toasted coconut. Boozy meets coconut with hints of chocolate. This complex beer goes down too smooth at 12% ABV.

A scrumptious trio

Don’t Leave Without Getting the Food

The reason I didn’t make it to the Public Market was that I couldn’t pull myself away from Eagle Park. After seeing the food menu, I knew I couldn’t leave without ordering Get to the Kofta, Lebanese style vegan meatballs. This mouth-watering dish exceeded my expectations, so I decided to make a pig of myself and order the Karate Chopped Fries. Good thing I had a long walk to the bus station to combat some of the calories I consumed.

bline1 bline2

Thank you for a swell time, Milwaukee and I can’t wait to see you again.

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